Amma’s Public Program Details

Events that take place during Amma’s public programs

Amma’s morning public programs begin at 10:00 am when she enters the hall. It’s nice to be there when she enters the hall (however, you are free to come and go at any time). After Amma enters the hall, there is a short guided meditation. After the meditation Amma begins to individually receive everyone who has come for her blessing.

A personal blessing with Amma is called darshan. Amma’s darshan is unique. She spends time with and hugs each person who comes to her. Amma’s morning darshan can last until 2:00 or 3:00 pm.

Amma’s evening public program begins at 7:30 pm. Evening programs begin with a spiritual talk by Amma or one of her Swamis or close disciples. After the talk, Amma sings bhajans (devotional songs) with everyone until approximately 9:30 pm. The singing is followed by a short meditation and closing prayers. The evening darshan begins after prayers and generally lasts until 2:00 or 3:00 am.

Who can attend?

Amma welcomes and blesses people from all cultures, backgrounds and religious traditions.

Are Amma’s public programs free?

Amma’s public programs are FREE of charge and open to the public.

Difference between a public program and a retreat?

1. While Amma’s public programs are free of charge, retreats require a fee and you must register in advance.

2. There are many special programs during the retreat. Although Amma gives darshan at both retreats and public programs, the retreats provide more opportunities of personal interaction with Amma. Retreat programs include a special meditation with Amma, a meal served by Amma, question and answer session with Amma, a guided morning meditation by Amma’s senior disciples and daily spiritual classes by Amma’s senior Swamis. The IAM (Integrated Amrita Meditation) technique is also being offered as part of the retreat. Learn more about IAM.

3. Retreats have a with-accommodations or off-site option for accommodations. Meals are included in the retreat fee with either choice.

What is Darshan & How do I receive Darshan?

Please visit this page to know about Darshan and how to get one.

What if I have special needs or am physically challenged and cannot wait in the regular line for darshan?

If you have special needs or disabilities, please inform the host or hostess who is stationed at the entrance to the hall. They will seat you in a special section close to Amma and you will be assisted to Amma for darshan as needed. Disabled persons may also be dropped off at the entrance to the hall. Amma also offers special needs transportation from the retreat hotel to Amma’s program hall.

Any programs for young children?

Usually programs are available for children ages four through ten, pre-teens and teens during certain hours. Please visit the Youth Information Table in the hall for more information. In general, children must be under the supervision of an adult at all times. During the retreat, there will be a youth IAM class.

Appropriate Attire for the Event?

Out of respect for the Indian culture, we recommend modest dress. For examples, tank tops, shorts (for men or women), tight leggings or clothing and short skirts are not recommended.

Some venues are air-conditioned and some have concrete floors. Since you may not be wearing shoes, you may want to bring a pair of socks for your feet and a pullover, shawl or sweater if you tend to get cold easily.

Do I have to remove my shoes?

While you may wear your shoes in the hall, everyone is asked to remove their shoes when entering the darshan line to receive their hug. If you have medical needs, you may speak to a greeter.


When you arrive at the program hall at Best Western Royal Plaza & Trade Center, you may find volunteers directing you to a particular parking area. Parking areas closest to the hall are reserved for visitors with special needs. As thousands of people come for Amma’s darshan on public program days, the volunteers do their best to help all visitors find suitable parking. You will be asked if you need special parking when you arrive.

Important Considerations

Out of consideration for Amma and fellow program attendees, you are kindly asked to read and respect the following requests.

No photography, video cameras, or tape-recording is permitted in the hall; this includes cell phone cameras. An exception is granted, with permission, to working, credentialed press or cinematographers, upon prior arrangement. Photos of Amma are available in The Amma Shop for purchase.

Parents of young children please be mindful of your children’s behavior, especially during meditations. We offer a Youth Program. Please see a host greeter for more information.

No pets of any kind are permitted inside the program hall except for service dogs.

No alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs are permitted in the hall or on the premises.

Please respect the program hall as a meditation space by speaking softly, and be mindful of those individuals who are trying to focus their attention within.

We thank you in advance for helping us maintain a pure and peaceful environment in the hall and on the premises during this program.