Special Needs - Transportation Schedule

For more information contact the Seva Desk in the Hall.

Another option is the Peter Gitgi Van Service.

This service provides pick-up service for anyone with a wheelchair, or other mobility disability who will need transportation to, and/or, from the Best Western retreat site in Marlboro, MA.

Mr. Gitgi has been in the business for many years and has several wheelchair accessible vans in his fleet, each of which can accommodate 2 wheelchairs at a time. Additionally, he can transport 6 passengers at at time who are ambulatory. He will pick up at almost any location including train stations and airports and will travel as far as Connecticut.

His rates are $30.00 for pick-up and $2.50 per mile.

If you are considering using his service for one of the public programs only, and will need a return trip a few hours later, please contact Mr. Gitgi at (781) 308-3714 for information regarding this, as well as for any other questions.