2009 - India Day Celebrations

Posted on 24. Aug, 2009 by admin in Featured, Photos

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India Day was a huge success. We thank everyone who helped at our India Day Amma booth with equipment, time, donations and effort. By Amma’s Grace we got a very nice location for the booth :).

A lot of people stopped by to learn about Amma as well as take literature on Amma’s worldwide projects . Amma’s huge banner was a great source of attraction. Its size and Amma’s attractive photo made it hard for folks to miss it. We’d say that about half, if not more, of the estimated 20,000 people at this event have now been exposed to Amma’s picture :).

We are looking forward towards working together again to spread word about our Beloved Amma and Her work. Cheers!

Now check out the photos ….

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One Response to “2009 - India Day Celebrations”

  1. Amal

    10. Sep, 2009

    Vino and Pam had really put in a lot of effort in preparing the incredible posters. One simply could not miss them.

    They have also put up a tent which made it more comfortable for us in the sun and look much more professional.

    The allotted space for one booth was not enough for all our posters, Amma shop and the tent. But talk of Amma’s Grace and miracle! We got a spot right beside a statue that was sitting on a wide base. So there was no booth on one of our side and we could spread our things comfortably.

    Joy Ma!

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