Amma Center of New England!

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The M.A.Center is pleased to announce that there will be an M.A. Center of New England opening after Amma’s Tour. The New Center is in the town of Boylston, MA in a rural setting with over 30 acres. It is minutes from I-290 and I-495.

There will be various types of accommodations available as in other M.A. Centers. Attached are few photos of the property.

Amma Center of New England
Amma Center of New England
Amma Center of New England

We are looking for candidates who wish to fill out an application to be part of the Amma community in New England. The rent and conditions for entry and living are being determined based on other existing programs.

Those who are interested in filling out an application for living at the center, please respond to the form below.

Dayamrita Chaitanya
General Manager, M.A. Centers

MA Center NE Satsang details page.

7 Responses to “Amma Center of New England!”

  1. Lalitamba

    05. Jul, 2012

    Om Namah Shivaya
    I sew table skirts for the MA Center San Ramon and am wondering if you would like to have any table skirts for MA Center New England,
    In Amma,

  2. jean pierre tshitenge

    30. Jan, 2013

    I want to be a member to participate in the conference to learn more about amma, I’m new. it my first time to hear talk about amma mother has an old working a newton my city, I am interested in about a amma. has help me to know . it but the problem I speak French, a little English. has this not because of my language you’re going to a private aderer within your group

  3. Aimee K. Stamler

    16. Jul, 2013

    Hi I am interested in being a part of your living community and furthing a more positive lifestyle. My boyfriend is interested now too in spititual healing and has joined me in a quest for a better life. He is a contractor and could be of help with building and/or maintaining property. I would like to fill out an application and learn more so my boyfriend and I can join and live in a positive place where people are continuously helping and growing to be the best they can be.

  4. Ariane Goodwin

    02. Apr, 2014

    I would appreciate being on a mailing list that announces when Ama will be appearing in the Boston area.

    Thank you!

  5. chris

    06. Dec, 2014

    What is the address of the Center in Boylston? I can’t find it on here.

  6. admin

    10. Dec, 2014

    245 Linden St, Boylston, MA 01505
    Phone: 716-226-6223 or easy to remember
    71-MA-AMMA-CEN (with extra N at the end)

    Email: [email protected]

    You can find details of regular Satsang events, address, parking info and more at

    It is accessible via top navigation bar as “MA Center NE”

  7. admin

    10. Dec, 2014

    Here is the website I commented about.
    It has text and translation. I did not see pronunciation yet.
    Check it out – its really cool!!!

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