Who is Mother Earth?

Posted on 09. Mar, 2011 by admin in Featured, Stories

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[This article has been written by Amma's devotee, Laura Merwin.]

A devotee friend asked me to write another article for our Satsang’s blog about ways that we can lead a greener lifestyle. I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about until Mother gave me some inspiration.

The other morning I was chanting The Thousand Names of the Divine Mother (Sri Lalita Sahasranamavali). I came across name #955 and it caught my eye:

Om dharayai namah

It translates to: I bow down to Devi, who is Mother Earth.

How profound this is. Who IS Mother Earth.

If She IS Mother Earth, this means that we can worship Her in every single step we take, and every inhalation we breathe. Our worship of Her can extend beyond the temple, beyond archana, IAM, arati, and pada puja. This is good news for all those out there (including me!) who have trouble meditating for hours on end. By living a greener lifestyle, we are actually worshiping Devi.

We worship Her in the choices that we make every single day.

  • Should I drive to work or take the bus?
  • When packing my lunch, will I use saran wrap or a reusable container?
  • Will I remember my travel mug on my way to Starbucks this morning?
  • Will I use a paper napkin during lunch at work or think ahead and bring a cloth napkin?
  • Will I spit on the street or use a handkerchief?
  • Will I make the most of the cell phone I have or run out and buy the latest technology?
  • Will I turn up the heat or put on another sweater?

Let us ensure that we worship each and every aspect of our Divine Mother. As the aspect of Mother Earth, let us make sure that we take a personal responsibility to keep the air and the streets clean. Let us reduce our waste as to not pollute Her. Let us create back yard gardens or container gardens because the fruit that it produces with be Her prasad. Let us see Her in the critters that live among us, and feel Her sway back and forth atop the tree-tops, keeping watch on all below.

Amma has set up a world where each and every action, choice and thought can be in worship of Her. Let us pray that She give us the strength to make the right decisions so that one day, She will take us across the ocean of transmigration.

I bow down to Devi, who is Mother Earth.

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